Microtiter Plate Readers

SHASHI s1sharma at umassd.edu
Tue Feb 28 18:45:47 EST 1995

I want to know in detail how your microtiter plate reder reads agglutination
S1sharma at Umassd.edu
In article <3il56t$q4e at synapse.bms.com>, mamber at synapse.bms.com (mamber) writes:
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>>Dear Net Persons:
>>I am in the market for a microtiter plate reader.
>Molecular Devices Corporation's ThermoMax is what you want.
>Call 1-800-635-5577 and ask for Sherri Coleman.  Tell her that I
>sent you and that I'm expecting a cut on the sales commission;=)
>(Steve)  mamber at synapse.bms.com

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