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> I currently conducting an experiment, but I need to know the exact
> concentrations of the substances in nutrient agar, especially the
> concentrations of Sulfur, Iron ( or Ferrous Sulfate ), Potasium ( Potasium
> Sulfate ), and Magnesium ( MgSO4 ).  Any help please e-mail me as
> ibdip at
> Thanks

DIFCO Laboratories, Detroit, Michigan (313 961-0800) publishes the DIFCO
Manual, Dehydrated Culture Media and Reagants for Microbiology.  I have
the tenth edition dated 1984 and it is 1155 pages of details about each of
the culture media they manufacture and sell.  Probably a good place to
start.  However, under Nutrient Agar there is no information about
inorganic components, just Beef Extract, Peptone and Agar.  You may have
to contact them for such detailed information.


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