Large Plasmid Isolation

Andrea=Marconi%Algemeen%IM.WAU at Vines.WAU.NL Andrea=Marconi%Algemeen%IM.WAU at Vines.WAU.NL
Wed Jan 4 19:03:41 EST 1995

>If anyone has a surefire method to isolate large plasmids from E. coli
>I would appreciate a post to the group or an Email.  I am aware of the 
>usual Kado/liu but if there is any other suggestions I would appreciate it.
>The plasmid I am going after is about 90kb.
>THanks in advance

Maybe you just tried and didn't work but I used to work with E. coli strains transformed 
with 50-60 kb plasmids (from a gene bank) and I didn't do anything else than the normal 
miniprep (like is described by Maniatis ) without any problem. The DNA once extracted was
used to transform again the same strain and was working.


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