E. coli pyruvate kinase mutants

rrk1 at vms.cis.pitt.edu rrk1 at vms.cis.pitt.edu
Thu Jan 5 11:47:16 EST 1995

I am putting together a project which requires some special E. coli strains.
I have done a preliminary search (without much luck) for the items on my wish
list.  I'm hoping that someone might have or know where I can find the
1)  E. coli strains mutant in one or both of the pyruvate kinase genes
2)  Clones of the E. coli pyruvate kinase genes
3)  An E. coli plasmid that is ts for replication (which can be used for
If you have any of these or know of a source please contact me at
rrk1+ at pitt.edu or post to this newsgroup.
Thanks in advance for any help.  If this works I'll post some results.
Rick Koepsel
Dept of Microbiology
School of Dental Med
Univ of Pittsburgh

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