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MEDSEARCH AMERICA Recruitment Network

MedSearch America is now collecting resumes for our
upcoming Healthcare Recruiters Network!  

Q. What is the Healthcare Recruiters Network?

A. The Healthcare Recruiters Network is for Healthcare related
   Employment Agencies, Headhunters, Search Firms, etc. to find
   online Healthcare Candidates to fill open positions from
   coast to coast.

Q. What is the value of posting my resume to this service?

A. Think of it.  Simply by posting your resume once to this service,
   you can have Healthcare Recruiters across the country matching your
   qualifications to their own existing (and employer paid) positions.
Q. How much does this service cost to the job seeker?

A. Nothing.  MedSearch America charges nothing for this service to
   the job seeker, and the search firms using the service are only
   authorized to contact MedSearch America users with fully employer
   paid positions.

Q. What's the difference between the existing MedSearch America resume
   database and the Healthcare Recruiters resume database?

A. There are several important differences.  First, the existing
   MedSearch America Resume database is for Healthcare Employers only.
   Secondly, the Healthcare Recruiters resume database WILL NOT APPEAR
   ONLINE.  Only Member Healthcare Recruiters will see or have access
   to your resume.

   The existing MedSearch America resume database attempts to protect
   the identity of the resume submitter in the public database, while
   offering the full version privately to Employer Members.

Q. Can I submit my resume to both the Employers and the Recruiters

A. Yes you can.  For those who want maximum exposure and don't mind
   the multiple phone calls that can come from recruiters that
   access your resume, sending your resume for inclusion on both 
   services is recommended.

Q. How do I submit my resume to the Healthcare Recruiters Network?
A. Complete your resume and E-mail it to recruiters at
   Your resume should be formatted the usual way for submission to
   Medsearch America.  If you would like to receive directions for
   the formatting of your resume, send E-mail to office at
   and request resume posting instructions.

You can also access Medsearch America with gopher or WWW.

To reach our gopher, type: gopher 9001

Our WWW url is:

Thanks for your interest.

Larry Bouchard
MedSearch America, Inc.
15254 NE 95th Street
Redmond, WA 98052

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