Kevin P. O'Connell oconne18 at
Thu Jan 5 19:55:00 EST 1995

In Article <D1vx36.2wt at> "demed at (David Demezas)" says:
> There are many conferences on plant-microbe interactions.  Probably the
> largest is the International Symposium on Molecular Genetics of
> Plant-Microbe Interactions which I believe is held every other year.
Indeed.  The next one will be held in 1996 at the University of Tennessee,
Knoxville.  The principal organizer, I believe, is Gary Stacey.  Write to
him there to get on the mailing list.  
There is also, I believe, an annual meeting of Agro researchers called the
Midwest Crown Gall Conference.  I attended two of these in the late '80's 
while I was still working in Agro.  They were nice; small and informal.  I
don't know how you would get in touch with those folks now, except to 
contact your nearest Agro friends and ask if they still meet.  
Good luck!
PS--The MPMI meetings are excellent, IMHO.  A great crowd of folks, and 
very well run.  Usually a few talks on Agro, and a bunch of poster

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