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> There is also, I believe, an annual meeting of Agro researchers called the
> Midwest Crown Gall Conference.  I attended two of these in the late '80's 
> while I was still working in Agro.  They were nice; small and informal.  I
> don't know how you would get in touch with those folks now, except to 
> contact your nearest Agro friends and ask if they still meet.  

The Crown Gall Conference is still going strong.  The last meeting was
just held the weekend before Thanksgiving at Cornell University in Ithaca
NY. The next meeting will probably be in the early autumn on the West
Coast in order to honor Eugene Nester on his 65th birthday. This meeting
is small(50-75 people) and tends to be very friendly. Stan Gelvin (Purdue
in Indiana)and Steve Farrand (U OF Ill,urbana) would be a couple of the
people you could contact to find out about this years meeting. Good luck!

Vicki Howitz
Plant Science Institute
Bio Dept. University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA 19151-6018

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