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JC> for the the TIME perscribed.  The reason that we have antibiodic
JC> immune strains is primarily from people who do NOT use as directed.

I know this is a very common misconception. If you are treating a
Strep sore throat for say, 5 days instead of the recommended 10 days
your risk of relaps is much greater, but the streptococcus has NOT
become resistant to penicillin. Hemolytic group A streptococcus has
still not found a method develop resistance towards good old penicillin!

The main reason for the widespread problems of multiresistant bacteria
is caused by the common practice of using an antibiotic 'just to be
sure' and to use a widespectrum antibiotic 'just to be sure'.
The tendency of trying to eradicate a patients normal flora with some
late-generation cephalosporin just to treat a sore throat is absolutely
inappropriate and, in my opinion very close to malpractise.
Probably in a few years time we will be in the postantibiotic era, where
most infectious diseases will take their natural cause, because we have
wasted our ingenious antibiotics.

Hans Erik Busk

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