Replica-plating of bacterial colonies

John Coutinho szcoutin at
Wed Jan 11 13:39:00 EST 1995

On Wed, 11 Jan 1995, Ken Jakeman wrote:

> We are currently looking for an alternative to 'velvets' for replica-plating 
> of bacterial spread cultures. Does anyone currently use or know of a good 
> alternative or commercial apparatus.
> Thanks for any replies in advance.
On the excellent advise of my supervisor at the time, I replica plated 
bacterial colonies with ordinary brown paper towels that are commonly 
in use in the laboratory. These are bleached and as long as you are
 cautious, they do not need to be sterilized and can be disposed of.
 They worked well for me when I replica plated E. coli. An organism that
 grows slowly may pose a problem; but its worth trying.
The paper can be attached to the replica block using a metal band, 
just like velvet.

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