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In article <95005.210035IFH100 at>, Mercutio <IFH100 at> writes:
>If anyone could send me information on these two disease, I would
>greatly appreciate it.  Especially Four Corners Disease not associated
>with hantavirus.  I also have interests in prions, but have had more
>luck finding information.  Thank you.

I do not know anything about a Four Corners Disease not associated with
hantavirus. The outbreak of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome that occured in the
Southwest in the summer and fall of 1993 was originally called Four Corners
Disease because the first cases occured in the vicinity of that geographical
location. However, the Navajo Nation has objected to naming the disease or
virus after any location associated with the Navajo reservation. The hantavirus
is tentatively named, Sin Nombre, or without name in Spanish. You can find
information about Hantaviruses in Viral Infections of Humans, Epidemiology and
Control, edited by A.S. Evans, 3rd Edition, chapter 12. In addition, a well
written article describing the outbreak appeared in the December 1993 issue of
Discover magazine.
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