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Hr Dr. S. Shapiro toukie at zui.unizh.ch
Mon Jan 16 07:53:27 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues;
     This is an historical question re the use of phenol ("carbolic acid")
by Joseph Lister to maintain sterility in operating theatres.  Apparently
lister used to set up nebulisers which would continuously emit aerosols of
phenol during his surgical procedures in an attempt to maintain sterility
and prevent infections in his patients.  I am seeking SPECIFIC sicientific
and/or historical references/citations to Lister's use of such phenol aero-
sols during surgery.  If you can help me by providing such references, kind-
ly contact me DIRECTLY at
                             toukie at zui.unizh.ch

s This is necessary because the server from which I am working sometimes
deletes my postings (and replies) before I have had a chance to see them.
     Thanks to all responders in advance.

Yours Truly,

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