Anaerobic Bacteriology Workshop

Tue Jan 17 11:34:40 EST 1995

The Texas Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories announces a one and 
one half day workshop on Anaerobic Bacteriology.  This is directed 
toward individuals with a basic foundation in the study of anaerobic 
bacteria.  Emphasis will be on species identification using both 
conventional and rapid methods.  Toxin assay and isolation of C. 
difficile and C. botulinum will be included.  Date for this program is 
February 22-23, 1995.  Fee for this program is $130.  Site for this 
workshop is the Bureau of Laboratories in Austin, Texas.  Participants will 
earn 0.9 P.A.C.E. credits through ASCLS.  Please respond at your earliest 
opportunity.  Enrollment is limited.

James L. Harris, Ph.D.
Training Coordinator
Bureau of Laboratories
Texas Department of Health
phone 512-458-7566
FAX 512-458-7672
e-mail: jharris at
jharris at

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