Streptomycin resistant E.coli via rpsL

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Tue Jan 17 15:51:15 EST 1995

Hi Folks,

Does anyone know if an rpsL E.coli ie streptomycin resistant is 
automatically spectinomycin resistant? I  have the Str/Sp gene 
from Tn7 on a multicopy plasmid (one of the few antibiotic genes that 
is stable on v.high copy vectors - the others being Amp and Kan) and 
use spectinomycin 50ug/ml as my selection. Unfortunately I am finding 
that my normal strains of choice for other applications are rpsL and 
give a detectable background on spectinomycin plates. I will take the 
concn up to 200ug/ml which I know the plasmid quite happily copes 
with and see if that does the trick. However it would be nice to know 
if rpsL is automatically Sp resistant.



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