strep and penicillin resistance

Jamison Chochrek drj at
Mon Jan 16 17:27:43 EST 1995

Excuse me, I have a Ph.D in understanding what I just read.  I did 
not say: 1-That you will be completely cured of your ailment if you take 
you medications.  (The Docs have that problem). 2-This problem of 
resistance is not greatly affected by what is done today, rather, what 
was done Yesterday.  Today's actions will affect the future, not the 
present past.

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> > In any case, once you BEGIN an antibodic, you MUST use it as perscibed 
> > for the the TIME perscribed.  The reason that we have antibiodic immune 
> > strains is primarily from people who do NOT use as directed. If it says 
> > ten days, go eleven if you can!!!!! The loaning of antibodics to people 
> > is equally to blame!
> Excuse me, I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry and am currently working in a
> microbiology lab.  My son has taken all his antibiotic and for the
> prescribed time- now for two rounds.  This morning he woke up with another
> sore throat. Something else is obviously going on here since this species
> of strep doesn't acquire penicillin resistence very often. The M.D.'s
> should be taking throat cultures from my whole family, including the dog.
> However they keep resisting the idea. This is an HMO so they are just
> trying to save the few bucks the cultures would cost. By the way, this is
> Greater Atlantic HMO in Philadelphia, in case anyone is interested.

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