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>Does anyone know of any obligately anaerobic denitrifying bacteria ?

The first one an easy one for me :-)
Gorny, N., G. Wahl, A. Brune, and B. Schink. 1992. A strictly anaerobic nitrate-reducing 
bacterium growing with resorcinol and other aromatic compounds. Arch. Microbiol. 158: 

>Or how about any chemolithotrophic obligate anaerobes that oxidize something
>other than hydrogen, e.g. Sulfur, Sulfide, Ammonium ion, etc.

Look in 'The Prokaryotes' 2nd edn. (Balows A et al., Ed.), Springer Verlag, 
New York, Heidelberg in the chapters on sulfate-reducing and methanogenic bacteria.
Most of them grow on H2/SO4-- or H2/CO2, respectively, in mineral media, so you only 
have to find species which do not need addition of acetate for their anabolisms (e.g., 
Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum).

>or how about   any anaerobes that can attack alkane hydrocarbons in the
>complete absence of oxygen ?

Aeckersberg F, Bak F, and Widdel F 1991. Anaerobic oxidation of saturated hydrocarbons 
to CO2 by a new type of sulfate-reducing bacterium. Arch. Microbiol. 156, 5--14

(oxidizes e.g. hexadecane!)

>I am updating a course that I teach and these questions have arisen as i
>review my notes.

I hope this helped...

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