Antiobiotic resistance

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Wed Jan 18 08:52:54 EST 1995

>Sickness is now very, very mobile.  This will change the way selection is
>carried least the speed at which it happens will.
>A possible solution, is to STRESS that ill people stay home.  Don't go
>out and spread it by travelling to Europe or even the supermarket.
>Schools could also require that ill students stay home and have their
>assignments phoned into them...... There may come a day, when a law
>arises that makes sick people stay home.  This may feel like a violation
>of rights, but so is a killer disease!  Besides, many sick people need
>the rest!

 So on the basis of this you should hide yourself away from the world if
you feel a bit off colour to protect the population from possible infection
and the spread of antibiotic resistance. A couple of points.
1. What about asymptomatic infections?
2. What about horizontal transfer of resistance gene from non-pathogenic to
pathogenic organisms?
3. This hypochondriac view may provide an alternative threads for
discussion but is this guy really on the              level?

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