Reno Pontarollo pontreno at
Thu Jan 19 11:04:34 EST 1995

Stefan Sieben (ssieben at wrote:
: Hi all,
: does anybody nows something about Sec-proteins in the genus of
: Proteus?
: Im study the protein export by an cell-wall less strain od
: Proteus mirabilis and need now informations about the
: Sec-protein-family in this genus.
: The second question is exists there any antibodys against the
: SecA by Proteus related organisms?
: Thanks for your Help
: Stefan

Hello Stefan,

	I just completed my Ph.D. comprehensive exam and I studied 
protein translocation quite a lot.  I do not know if antibodies to E. 
coli SecA exists, but I'll give the names of the three people who might 
have them.  You can get their addresses of the Med-Line or from the 
Journal of Bacteriology.

Donald B. Oliver
William Wickner
Linda L. Randall

Good Luck, Reno

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