pre-MMSA-ASM Workshop

Fri Jan 20 17:11:28 EST 1995

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Subject:        pre-MMSA-ASM Workshop
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The Texas Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories and the National 
Laboratory Training Network will again cosponsor a special mycology 
workshop prior to the national meetings of MMSA and ASM.  The workshop is 
not affiliated with either society but will be scheduled on May 18-19, 
1995, prior to the society meetings.
The program is "Fungi to be Feared?: Condo Contaminants and Toxic 
Toadstools."  Topics will range from identification of macro and 
microfungi to the significance of toxins from these organisms to 
psychosomatic aspects of mold toxicosis, specifically "sick building 
syndrome."  Further details on site (in Washington D.C.), fees, speakers, 
etc may be obtained by e-mail reply to this message or calling

Jim Harris, Ph.D.
Training Coordinator
Bureau of Laboratories
Texas Dept of Health

jharris at

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