Molecular ecology

Lynn Bry aj088 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA
Sat Jan 21 23:17:24 EST 1995

>From: Dave Roberts <dmr at>

>phylogenetic position in many cases.  So, does anyone know how
>one might more effectively approach the ecological question of
>role?  Possible approaches might be to screen for key enzymes,


For enteric microorganisms a panel of 'germ-free associated
characteristics' (GAC) and 'microflora associated
characteristics' (MAC) have been developed based on
differences noted in the GI tracts of germ-free and
conventional aniamls. Most of the traits are biochemical
activites carried out by the microflora, activities such as the
deconjugation of bile acids, the conversion of cholesterol
to coprostanol and the degredation of mucins. By 
monocontaminating germ free animals with individual
organisms many activities have been assigned to specific
enteric colonizers. 

Much of this work has been done by Tore Midtvedt's group
at the Karolinske Institute if you want to look into it.


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