Bacterial RNA Isolation/ASM Web Page?

Christine and Michael Ward mjward at
Mon Jan 23 21:48:24 EST 1995

Greetings Microbionetters,

I have a few questions I hope someone can answer. First, does anyone know if 
the Chomcyzynski (sp?) procedure can be used as it is written (Analyt. Biochem 
1987) for the isolation of mRNA from Gram negatives, or must it be modified (such
as to include a lysozyme step) ??  Does anyone know of a better, fairly quick,
reliable method of high quality mRNA extraction from bacteria??  If so, please 
post to the list or to me directly.

Second, does anyone know if the American Society for Microbiology has a page
on the World Wide Web??  If you know the URL, please post to the list---I'm
sure many people would be interested.


Christine Ward
Virginia Tech
College of Veterinary Medicine
Blacksburg, VA
mjward at   or   cvmckw at

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