Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

John Tudor jtudor at
Fri Jan 27 07:46:15 EST 1995

What do you mean by inhibited ability to invade?  Decrease in plating
efficiency?  Compared to what?  Do you have a technique to specifically
isolate the apical surface proteins?  BTW, Deidrich, et al have already
shown that bdellovibrios do pick up Omps from their prey, so you would
expect to find some differences when grown on different prey.

Ambere1n (ambere1n at wrote:
:     I have been experimenting with this organism, a gram negative pathogen
: of other gram negative bacteria and have noted a significant increase in
: the selectivity it has in plaquing after repeated exposure to a single
: host. The sam Bdellos when presented with a new host show a greatly
: inhibited ability to invade the new host. My next avenue to determine the
: reason for this host selectivity is DNA study of the apical surface
: proteins where contact initially occurs to determine if there is a
: genotypical/phenotypical variation from Bdellovibrio grown on a different
: host substrate.
:  My research has yet to go to print.
:  Has anyone else seen similar host-parasite interaction with Bdellovibrio
: (109J, BB4, or BB5) ?

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