Kombucha and Fulbright Study

Maria Marco mmarco at YODA.NIDR.NIH.GOV
Fri Jul 7 07:36:40 EST 1995

        I, too, am interested in the composition of Kombucha. In addition,
  I am intrigued by its advertised "healing powers". I have not found any
  current research on this symbiosis, however.
          Perhaps Kombucha is a suitable Fulbright research topic? I would
  appreciate any response that would direct me towards a Fulbright advisor
  (outside of the USA) who would desire a student interested in exploring the
  Kombucha microbial symbiosis, as well as, persuing a concurrent
  investigation into the anthropological aspects of the "organism".
          Other questions in microbial ecology or microbial pathogenesis also
  apply to my interest in a Fulbright.

((I originally wrote this 3 days ago but sent it to the wrong address.))

  Maria Marco
  NIDR, Microbial Ecology Division
  mmarco at yoda.nidr.nih.gov

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