Microscope. Microscope...

David Yi truemonk at csulb.edu
Thu Jun 1 03:39:04 EST 1995

Dear Microbiologists:

	I am an undergrad thinking about getting a light microscope for 
personal use. I need some tips on the selection:

(1) Monocular is a bit weird, but does it make any significant difference 
in eye fatigue over time? I take it that stereoscopy is not necessary when 
viewing tiny dyed microbes? :)
(2) Some microscopes feature 1500X magnification. I was under the 
impression that 1000X was the max magnification without serious 
distortion due to the wavelength of visible light. So what's the deal?
(3) Are darkfield scopes a separate breed? Or can any light scope be 
fitted with the special diaphragm?
(4) Are there separate light sources available, or am I limited to the 
Built-In or Mirror-Only choice?
(5) What names are trustworthy?
(6) And where the heck can I get them?
(*) The running theme of my purchase is: the most bang for the buck 
(which is pretty weak right now, I'm told :)  ). 

	Many thanks is advance.


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