RFLP/AP-PCR Analysis software

Ben Vowels, Ph.D. vowels at mail.med.upenn.edu
Thu Jun 1 08:39:51 EST 1995

I am interested in acquiring Macintosh-based software to analyze
RFLP/AP-PCR gels for the purpose bacterial strain typing.  It must be able
to generate schematics of the gels and ideally would be able to generate

I saw a couple of packages at the ASM meeting but I am not interested (or
able) in spending >$5,000 for the software.  

I have heard that a good package is Taxotron which is available from the
Institut Pasteur.  Has any one used this software or have an address where
I can get info on it?

Finally, has anyone used the NIH Image software to do this type of analysis?

Note:  Responses from company reps are welcome.

Thank you.

Ben Vowels
University of Pennsylvania
215-898-9607 (voice)

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