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Gilbert T. Groehn ad408 at detroit.freenet.org
Thu Jun 1 20:33:11 EST 1995

	ULTRAMED, INC. has available for immediate sale equipment as
described in attached INVENTORY LIST NO. 95502, subject to prior sale,
and subject to all terms and conditions outlined in ULTRAMED "Agreement
of Sale and Release".

	Equipment is believed to be in good to excellent operating
condition but is offered strictly on an AS IS basis at these prices.
Many items are priced as low as 10% of original cost and we believe this
represents exceptional value for quality equipment from major manufacturers.

	Call or write for further information.  Thanking you and
hoping that we may be of service.

                                ULTRAMED, INC.
                                INVENTORY LIST

                                NO. 95502

SHIMADZU Model SDU-700  Sector/Linear Diagnostic Ultrasound System.  With
Doppler and (1) 3.5 Mhz Sector Probe, (1) 2.5 Mhz Sector probe with CW
Doppler, (1) Sony UP-850 printer and optional AG-6300 VTR. Does echo-
cardiography and general purpose abdominal applications.        $8,500.00

BIOSOUND Model ND-256-8 Vascular imaging system with 8.0/6.5 Mhz Imaging/
Doppler probe, Mitsubishi P-60 video printer and AG-6300 VTR.   $5,500.00

ATL MK-450 Ultrasound system.  General purpose and vascular
doppler when used with Model 724B scan head.  Furnished with
723A scanhead and 720A. With Multi format camera, NO vtr.       $2,000.00
ATL PROBES Models 722A and 723A for MK-300/MK-600 systems.      $  350.00 Ea.

ATL Model 724A Multi Frequency probe for MK-300/600        (2)  $  500.00 Ea.

ATL Model 130 Monitor for MK-300/MK-600 systems                 $  175.00

ADR 9" Monitor for ADR/ATL-4000                                 $  175.00

CONRAC 16" BW Monitor high resolution.                          $  150.00

MEDASONIC Fetal stethoscope with speaker.                       $  250.00


SPACELABS Model 90623A  Patient Monitor with recorder     (2)   $  850.00 Ea.

SPACELABS Model 90623A (no recorder)  Patient Monitor           $  500.00

SPACELABS Model 90603A (no recorder)  Patient Monitor           $  500.00

MENNEN Telemetry system.  (4) Patient system with (4)
transmitters and central station receiver w/ recorder/          $1,800.00

TRANSKINETICS Telemetry system.  (8) Patient system with (8)
transmitters and (2) central station consoles w/recorders.      $3,000.00

MENNEN Model 744 Patient Monitors.                      (2)     $  300.00 Ea.

AMERICAL OPTICAL Patient Monitor.                               $  200.00

MENNEN Patient Monitor with recorder.                           $  475.00

CAMBRIDGE VS-550 EKG single channel.                            $  600.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 77028 Physiological recorder with
EKG and EEG modules.  Older unit for VETERINARY med use ONLY.   $  350.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78171A Strip Chart Recorder.              $  450.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78330 with 78171A Recorder                $  675.00

SONICAID Doppler unit (for OB applications/Fetal Heart Beat)    $  200.00

OHMEDA Model 'BIOX III' Pulse oximeter with ear sensor.         $  450.00

OHMEDA Model Biox II' Pulse Oximeter with ear sensors   (2)     $  250.00 Ea.

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78574A Recorder                           $  200.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Model 78304A 4 channel scopes           (2)     $  250.00 Ea


BAUM Blood Pressure manometers (mercury wall mount units) (18)  $   40.00 Ea.

SIEMENS Model 'Ultratherm 608' Diathermy unit. 27 Mhz           $  600.00

BECKMAN Model R-611 (8) Channel Physiological recorder.         $1,500.00

ENGSTROM 'Eliza' Capnograph                                (3)  $  300.00

JOBST Compression unit.                                         $  200.00

VITAL-STAT  'CALORIMETER' VVR (Vital Signs Distributes)         $  500.00

NICOLET Model CA-1000 Clinical Averager.  Set up for (BER)
Brainstem evoked response.  Other applications.                 $1,500.00

GRASS Model PS-33 Visual Stimulator                             $  350.00

GRASS 8-16 (16) Channel EEG machine console type                $2,900.00

TITMUS Model OV7M Vision Screener (professional Model)          $  450.00 

YASHIMA Microscope                                              $  275.00

COLPOSCOPE Model 1000 by Berkeley Bio-Engineering Inc.          $1,850.00

SONY Model VO-5600 High Resolution VTR for imaging applications
Broadcast quality recorders.  Umatic Format.                    $  850.00 Ea. 


SORVAL GLC-3 Centrifuge with HL-4 Rotor and (4) six place
holders PN 00565.                                               $  550.00

CLAY-ADAMS Model 'Dynac' Centrifuge with (24) place rotor for
18mm x 118mm tubes.                                             $  650.00

IEC General purpose centrifuge with six place rotor             $  300.00

CLAY-ADAMS SERO-FUGE Centrifuge                                 $  450.00

CLAY-ADAMS SERO-FUGE II Centrifuge (dual speed)                 $  375.00

GILFORD STASAR III Spectrophotometer covers 312/727 nm          $  750.00

SYVA (GILFORD STASAR III Spectrophotometer covers 312/727 nm    $1,200.00

ABBOTT 'QUANTUM II Spectrophotometer                            $  450.00

LABCONCO Model 75035 Freeze dryer (w/o compressor)              $  650.00

STRATUS automated reagent/sample dilutor	                $  250.00

HEWLETT-PACKARD Spectrum analyzer. Models 141T, 8552B,
8553B (0/110Mhz RF), 8556A (O/300Khz).				$1,500.00

All equipment is offered AS-IS, F.O.B. Grosse Pointe Farms, MI and subject
to all terms and conditions outlined in ULTRAMED, INC. "Agreement of Sale
and Release".   

All equipment is set up and operating and can be inspected at our Detroit,
MI facility BY APPOINTMENT.   Call or email for further information.

Thank you
Gil Groehn, General Manager

ULTRAMED, INC.                        ad408 at detroit.freenet.org
Alternate email address               gillyboy at aol.com
Grosse Pointe Farms, MICH 48236 USA             (313) 884-1139

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