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Bob Freeman KLEJ67A at
Fri Jun 2 22:29:55 EST 1995

Windows Software for TB
(A LIS for Public Health and Reference Laboratories)
BtB Software, TB Features:
1)  Run as a paperless or paper worksheet system	
2)  Record up to 30 QC items per run
    QC includes Item name, Lot number and Expiration date
    Paper worksheets allow room to accept/reject QC Item, record QC 
Result         and Sterility (where appropiate)
3)  Stains
    Ziehl-Nielson or Modified Kinyon
    Report relative amount as 1+ to 4+ or <10/Rare/Few/Mod/Numerous
4)    Culture and Bactec
    60 different final report names or Negative
    On-screen display of both bactec and culture results for each 
    Record up to 8 weeks of on-screen culture and Bactec results with 
date,          initials of person reading result and result phrase (15 
different phrases)
    Record up to 10 bactec results (6 weeks) with index, date, initials 
of person     reading index and descriptive phrase 
5)  Interface to Leader 50/450 for Probes
     Connect via RS-232 cable or run manually
6)  Drugs
    Up to 50 drugs per specimen
    Allows for multiple repeats of any drug
    Report tests run locally and/or sent out to reference labs
    Report Disc or Bactec tests
    Bactec testing allows for 14 daily readings on each drug with 
automatic          calculation of ^G
7)  Comments
    Slide Comment (54 Characters)	    Culture Comment (54 Characters)	    
Canned Comment (one per specimen)	    Expanded Comment (50 lines of 50 
characters each)
8)  Reports
     Lab Slips	     Print lab slips in 8x11 inch or 4x6 Inch format	    
Sort multiple lists by clinic or alphabetically before printing
9)  Searches and Statistics
     Search on any key word	     Automatic generation of statistics
10)  Last 100
    Use the "Last 100" program to list the last 100 specimens with 
results.           Multiple pages to view more than 100 specimens	   On a 
network, this program may be distributed to allow instant results for    
TB Control or physicians
11)  Billing	   Print billing lists by month(s)	   Interface to other 
programs	   Output as ASCII text (CSV) for input to other program
12)  TB Control remote entry of Clients and specimen request, lab enters  
     date/time recd, assigns lab number and is done!
13)  Editing	      Any data may be easily edited using standard Windows 
editing functions.

  BOB FREEMAN (BtB Software) KLEJ67A at

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