Clarification on dapA and dapC please

Maurice Boissinot mboi at
Wed Jun 7 09:01:27 EST 1995

bascombn at wrote:
>I have  recieved cultures from CGSC indicating AT997 (CGSC#4548) as dapA
>and AT998 (CGSC#4547) as dapC.  Publications indicate AT997 as dapA, but 
>there has been no information as to what AT998 is.  Can someone help me 
>out here?  I would like to obtain, and be confident that I am working with,
>dapC - the acylase.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
>Newell Bascomb
>American Cyanamid
>bascombn at

We have recently tested AT997 and found that altought it required DAP, it did 
not need Isoleucine and Valine on minimal media at room temperature.

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