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Wed Jun 7 10:08:13 EST 1995

In article <3qor57$29g at inforamp.net>, jaredf (jaredf at inforamp.net) writes:
>I am looking for cost effective solutions to occasional odor problems in a large industrial clarifier, 
>which results from anaerobic microbial activity.  On warm days both hydrogen sulfide and methane are 
>released into the air.
>Addition of chlorine / hypo etc. is not an option under our environmental permit.  Has anyone any
>experience with hydrogen peroxide or other chemicals?  Whatever is added to the clarifier must not create a
>toxic effluent as the treated effluent is discharged into a river.  
>I'm not interested in so-called commercial "bag of bug" microbial products.  We are presently starting
>up a secondary treatment system ahead of the clarifier and expect that the problem will diminish as the
>level of BOD and nutrients in the feed to the clarifier is further reduced.
>Thanks for your suggestions.
>jaredf at inforamp.net
You could try dosing nitrate into the clarifier. This would
maintain the redox potential and prevent sulphate reduction. This
method is used extensively in the UK. The nitrate is converted to
nitrogen gas by denitrification so there are no harmful residues.
Dosing must be carefully controlled as the nitrogen gas can cause
flotation of the solids if it is overdosed. Overdosing could also
result in increased nitrate in your effluent - again this is to be


Nick Gostick 

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