Q:H. influenzae DNA sequencing

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Thu Jun 8 04:27:20 EST 1995

Hi, there
About 10 days ago, when I read a Japanese general newspaper, I found an 
interesting article in it. It was a report from the New York Times of May 26.
It reported: The entire DNA sequence was determined in Haemophlus influenzae, 
it was the first from bacteria, and sequencing of1,830,121 bp was done with 
work of one year by two people. Is a paper already been publishing? Is the 
sequence available on databases? Did they use automatic reaction and sequencer
 Is such a speed ordinary?
If someone out there has information about this, please post here or e-mail me

Thank you in advance.

Yutaka Sato DDS Ph.D
Dept. of Biochem.
Tokyo Dental College
2-2, Masago 1, Mihama Ku
Chiba City, 261 Japan

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