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In article <3r4iq3$hfv at phunn1.sb.com>, Martin at GDB160.uk.sb.com wrote:
 >I want it because I wish to crack open  pathogenic bacteria in small 
 >volumes and for this would be more suitable than a French press for 
 >No, my surname isn't Hughes!
 >Thanks for any forthcoming advice,

Do you have access to a Cup Horn Sonicator?  It's an attachment that screws
onto a normal sonicator, ours is a Heat Systems cell disruptor.  There is a
titanium? cylinder surrounded by a plexiglass cup.  It's like a ultrasonic 
water bath from hell, you put your sample into a polycarbonate tube, put 
said tube into the cup and off you go.  You can recirculate cooling fluid 
through the center of the Ti cylinder and around your sample tube so your 
sample doesn't cook.  The nice thing is that you can set up your tubes in a
bio-hazard hood, bring them to the sonicator and blast away.  It's not as 
fast as a micro-tip but it does the job, and it keeps the nasties in the 

Just a random thought and no I don't work for Heat Systems or any other 
comercial company.


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