HELP!! Searching for Transcription Factors

Buddy Wiese buddyw at
Fri Jun 9 15:37:53 EST 1995

	I am studying the regulation of a metabolic gene in E.coli.  Our 
laboratory has identified a transcription factor that directly interacts 
with the 5' upstream and promoter regions of our  metabolic gene.  
Further, I have mapped the binding sites of the factor by DNase I 
footprinting. The binding sites are a couple hundred bases pairs 
upstream of the start site of transcription, suggesting the presence of 
other factors.

	Thus, what I would like to be able to do is search  some database of 
known recognition sequences of transcription factors that bind to the 
promoter of my gene.  (I  would like to submit my long upstream  and 
promoter sequence, maybe 2-300bp's, and have the computer  churn out a 
list of factors that might bind.)  I have found two databases in Europe 
that can do something like  this, but both are for Eukaryotes!!!  Arghh!

	Please E-mail me (buddyw at if you can help/have suggestions.

Thanks in advance...

buddy wiese

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