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In article <3r4iq3$hfv at phunn1.sb.com>, Martin at GDB160.uk.sb.com wrote:

> Does anyone know where on this planet I can purchase a Hughes Pressure Cell ?
> It's a stainless steel block with two cylinders in it joined by a narrow 
> aperture. The idea is that one  cools it to -20deg' C say, puts a
suspension of 
> bugs or whatever into one cylinder and by application of pressure to a piston 
> pushes the solid pellet through the aperture. This shears the material in the 
> pellet. I want it because I wish to crack open  pathogenic bacteria in small 
> volumes and for this would be more suitable than a French press for example. 
> No, my surname isn't Hughes!
> Thanks for any forthcoming advice,
> Martin. 

We used to call that a "French Press"  There was one, long out of use, at
the University of Cal at Santa Barbara.  It was attached to a  really nice
fermenter that at one time was used by Ellis Engelsberg and Nancy Lee to
grow up bugs to study the Ara operon. I don't know whether it is still
there, but they may be willing to part with it cheaply as I don't suspect
anyone is using it at this point ( shipping is another story).  You might
try to get in touch with one of the MoleBiol faculty at UCSB to find out.


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