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(Geomicrobiologists note positions 3 and 4)

Center for Coastal and Land-Margin Research
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science & Technology


The Center for Coastal and Land-Margin Research (CCALMR) invites 
applications for postdoctoral positions in the hydrodynamics and
environmental science and engineering of coasts and estuaries. 
Candidates will be evaluated on their potential for innovative 
research within one of the following multi-disciplinary initiatives:
Density-Driven Estuarine and Near-Coastal Flows
  Development of a process-level description of density-driven 
  flows, with emphasis on integration of fine-scale turbulence into 
  3D regional-scale numerical models. This initiative is focused on 
  the Columbia River estuary, and involves extensive field observations 
  and numerical modeling.

Tidal Flat Dynamics and Coastal Inundation 
  Development of enhanced physical and numerical descriptions of the 
  wetting and drying processes associated with tidal flat dynamics and 
  with coastal inundation by tsunamis.

Diagnostic Modeling of Sediment-Water Interactions
  Development of a process-level description of the chemical and 
  physical interactions between coastal sediments and overlying 
  waters, and incorporation of these processes into numerical models 
  of sediment dynamics and water chemistry.

Sampling and Assessment of Environmental Quality Indicators
  Development and deployment of instrumental methods for monitoring 
  critical environmental indicators under coastal conditions. Methods 
  for time-intensive measurements are of particularly high interest.

Coastal Remote Sensing
  Development and application of video remote sensing techniques to 
  support modeling of a range of coastal and environmental processes, 
  from coastal inundation to the dynamics of sediments and environmental 
Applicants must have experience with advanced techniques relevant 
to the research initiative for which they are applying, as well 
as high potential for substantial collaboration with other 
CCALMR-affiliated scientists. General information about CCALMR and 
its collaborating institutions can be found on the 
World Wide Web:,

Address inquiries and applications to: 

Dr. AntÛnio Baptista
Director, Center for Coastal and Land-Margin Research
Oregon Graduate Institute
PO Box 91000
Portland, OR, 97291-1000

or by e-mail to daloris at 
Deadline for applications: July 1, 1995, or until positions are filled.

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