Having Campylobacter culture problems. -Reply

Keith.Wright at WPO4.CL.HealthWaikato.HWL.synet.net.nz Keith.Wright at WPO4.CL.HealthWaikato.HWL.synet.net.nz
Sat Jun 10 18:59:17 EST 1995

In answer to matt at alexon.com

We used to use campylobacter gas packs for our cultures and often found that the control
organism quickly became unrecoverable. Our solution was to take a candle and a tin and use
the old fashioned candle jar method. Our control now lives quite happily between subcultures
and we find a good number of clinical isolates.

I don't think that we are alone in this experience.

I hope that you find this useful

Keith Wright
Taumarunui Hospital Laboratory
New Zealand

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