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     Dear ZIPRIN,
     Thank you for your answer and comments.
     I have, of course, directed my message to "Jennifer" with personal 
     comments included. But, I do think that these problems concerning 
     the diagnosis of brucellosis also are of a general interest; and 
     therefore I did wellcome your message of yesterday (and today) to 
     this newsgroup.
     As you can see from my writings I have a personal and professional 
     interest in brucellosis since more than ten years. I do believe 
     that brucellosis is a underdiagnosed infectious disease especially 
     in countries as mine (Sweden is declared free from Brucella since 
     the year of 1957, our cases are imported from abroad), but also in 
     the rest of the world; because of what you correctly are stressing 
     "the wide array of symptoms" and therefore the eminent capacity of 
     brucellosis mimicking other diseases. In those parts of the world, 
     where Brucella is a frequent health care problem, there often are 
     general health care problems as well; and this situation does not 
     help up the solution of the problems concerning brucellosis today 
     with vast and devastating socioeconomic consequences.
     I do believe that this newsgroup (and perhaps some other) is a 
     valuable forum for discussions of this kind. There are many "out 
     there" who ought to be informed about these problems. The case 
     described by "Jennifer" is one excellent example of the need for 
     information on this subject; and I do believe that this open 
     discussion has a great value per se.
     fax: +46-8-302577                          Bj|rn Osterman, MD
                                Clinical bacteriologist since 25 years
                                                in Stockholm, Sweden
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Subject: Re: Re[2]: brucellosis symptoms
Author:  PC {ZIPRIN at} at UUCP 
Date:    1995-06-13 19.02
Thank you for the comments.  But I think these need to be 
directed to the person who wrote to the newsgroup because 
he/she was ill.
I think someone at TAMU has already contacted this person 
but I'm sure they would appreciate hearing from you. 
Apparently diagnosing brucellosis can be quite a chore for
the clinician.  Especially as they are inclined to a) disbelieve 
the wide aray of symptoms  and b) have little experience
 with this infection.
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