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Fri Jun 16 04:37:11 EST 1995

In article <3rqsvs$89r at> cawhit at (CAWHIT) writes:
>   Are there any nucleotide (or amino acid) sequence analysis programs (or
>   databases) that are available directly through the Internet?  If so, how
>   do you access them?  Is anyone familar with the GCG sequence analysis
>   software (Genetics Computer Group, Madison, Wis).  Is it accessible
>   through the Internet?

Users in Europe can use GCG though the Internet with accounts on their
national EMBnet nodes.

There is a newsgroup dedicated to the Wisconsin
(GCG) package.

You can also try these URLs:

... and my home page ...

There are also freely available sequence analysis programs at for dos, mac, unix and VMS.

As for databases, they are basically *all* freely available through the
Internet - but they can be really BIG.

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