brucellosis symptoms

Sat Jun 17 06:08:30 EST 1995

I must say that I have also enjoyed and benefited from the dialog brought 
on by jennifers question.  It is important, I think, (especially for the 
students reading this news group) to read more than just the original 
question or request, for it is in this way that we LEARN.  I myself would 
like to hear of any new input, from anyone, generated by this topic. 

Also, as I come closer to graduating (someday!!!) a thought has occured 
to me more frequently - after some messages Ive read here - modern 
medicine seems to reject or question the validity and value and deny a 
great deal of frequented senarios. Why ?  Good practice to keep looking 
and asking or maybe stubborness, could it be that with the amount of rare 
disease occurence and the varied symptoms that doctors don't wish to 
accept the patients complaints - with the world getting smaller 
occurences WILL increase - or is it the money that Ins. companys have to 
shell out for treatment(easier to deny these maladys or list them as 
experimental in treatment types, to deny relief - worse new info).  
Common sense would ask you to deny the later,  Paranoia brings the 
thoughts awareness.  With the critters we have yet to find - or they us - 
I hope Doctors can regain control of the examination room and the 
direction of treatment.  Further I hope micro community which I hope to 
enter educates as well as researches.

Kinda soap boxy - sorry - I just like to learn... thanks

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