Predictive Micro Conference and more, a new WWW site.

Simon R. James Simon.James at
Tue Jun 20 00:11:36 EST 1995

Hello folk,

The Microbiology section of the University of Tasmania (situated in part
at the riverside city of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia) would like to
announce a new WWW site. We're online to advertise a Predictive
Microbiology Conference in Hobart in 1996, check it out if you're
interested. The URL is;

Other Major Areas of Microbial Research at the Uni of Tasmania;

       Antarctic Microbial Processes 
       Predictive Food Microbiology 
       Organic waste recycling 

Australia enjoys an active professional Microbiology society. There is
also a link to the Tasmanian Branch of the Australian Society for

Many thanks for your attention, 

Simon James (Microbial Ecologist)
Simon.James at

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