Postdoc Positions: Protein Engineering for Bioremediation

Cheryl R. Kuske kuske at
Thu Jun 22 13:05:18 EST 1995

Molecular Biology and Protein Engineering Postdoctoral Positions


Two POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH POSITIONS in molecular biology and protein 
engineering will be available in October 1995 in the laboratories of 
Cheryl Kuske, Tom Terwilliger, and Paul Jackson in the Genomics and 
Structural Biology Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. This group 
is part of a major effort at Los Alamos to engineer proteins and 
microorganisms to detect and degrade organic pollutants in soil.  The 
positions are for a molecular biology and crystallography-based project 
to modify a protein to detect specific halogenated organic pollutants, 
then activate a reporter gene in its presence.  Additional positions in 
molecular biology and crystallography to alter the substrate specificity 
of an enzyme that degrades halogenated compounds may also become 

Candidates should have extensive experience in DNA mutagenesis, 
bacterial gene expression and purification of proteins; or in 
macromolecular structure determination by x-ray crystallography; and an 
interest in applying these techniques to solve environmental problems.

Los Alamos National Laboratory is located 35 miles from Santa Fe in the
mountains of northern New Mexico. The area is attractive for its 
history,culture, scenic beauty and its many outstanding outdoor 
recreationopportunities, including alpine and nordic skiing, hiking, 
rock climbing,golfing, and biking.

Applicants must have received their Ph.D. within the past 2-1/2 years. 
Salaries range from $40,000 to $44,000 per year.  Appointees receive
employee benefits including incoming travel and moving expenses.

Interested applicants should contact the investigators by e-mail at
kuske at, terwilliger at, or pjjackson at

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