Brucellosis symptoms

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  Hallo Michael,
  Thanks for your comments on the subject of brucellosis. As I have 
  said, I did (and do) indeed wellcome inputs generated by the 
  brucellosis case described by Jennifer.
  I do believe that a newsgroup like Bionet Microbiology is a suitable 
  forum for discussions of this kind. And I believe there are more cases 
  of brucellosis "out there", where the clinical picture has not been 
  correctly interpreted. Information on difficulties and problems of 
  this interpretation of the clinical situation of brucellosis as well 
  as the bacteriological diagnosis of the micro-organism of Brucella, 
  ought to be valuable for readers of this newsgroup. Communication via 
  a newsgroup is direct and hopingly somewhat imperative; a discussion 
  of this kind may generate ideas and thoughts with a great potential of 
  provoking results dealing with the index-subject for the discussion 
  and for mirror-situations of this subject.
  Brucellosis is a world-wide probelm. Much is written on brucellosis, 
  but knowledge on brucellosis tends to be on expert-basis, and the 
  awareness of Brucella and brucellosis ought to be more widely spread, 
  because the practical dealing of this clinical diagnosis is often 
  located in the periphery of the medical sphere.
                                  Regards,      Bj|rn Osterman, MD
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