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Noel Fong ez005881 at
Fri Jun 23 20:31:17 EST 1995

	Society for Industrial Microbiology 1995 Meeting
	August 6-11
	San Jose, CA

	SIM will be holding its annual meeting at the Fairmont Hotel  in 
San Jose from August 6-11, 1995.  
	There will be talks and poster sessions covering many topics, 
including:  Bioremediation, Vaccines, Metabolic Pathway Engineering, 
Fungal Biotransformation, Fungal and Actinomyces toxins, Streptomyces 
Biotechnology, Patent Issues for Microorganisms, Agricultural and Food 
Biotechnology (including Transgenic Plant Products, Wine Micro, and 
Natural Pigments and Flavors), Environmental Probes, Biopesticides, 
Marine Microbiology Products, Heterologous gene expression topics 
(Secretion, Eucaryotic Physiology, and Translation), Tissue Culture 
Development, Biomass Conversion, Protection of Intellectual Property, and 
Quality Control.
	Registration is $ 195 before July 6, and $ 245 thereafter. (These 
are prices for members; non-members pay an extra $ 100).  For students, 
the cost is only $ 40!   
	Additionally, there is a "WET" workshop on the Isolation of Fungi 
from Natural Substrates and Introduction to their Characterization.  This 
will held at San Jose State University (proximal to the SIM meeting) on 
August 5-6.  Separate registration is required, and space is limited.
	For forms and registration, contact the Society For Industrial 
Microbiology, 3929 Old Lee Highway, Suite 92A, Fairfax, VA 22030-2421.  
Tel:  (703) 691-3357, FAX: (703) 691-7991.  They have no email, but I 
can address any questions on-line about the meeting.

					See you there,

					Noel Fong
					Local Arrangements Committee
					SIM Northern Calif. Chapter 

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