Hemophilus influenzae

Jeffrey Johnston ilva at email.unc.edu
Mon Jun 26 11:32:29 EST 1995

Paul C. Moe (pcmoe at students.wisc.edu) wrote:
: There was news recently that the entire genome of the bacterium Hemophilus 
: influenzae had been sequenced.My understanding is that this was accomplished 
: partially through non-public funding, hence my question; is this sequence 
: available in the public domain (anywhere)? The only name I have in 
: connection with this mattter is that of JC Venter. Does anyone know an 
: e-address for him, or know where I could look

J. Craig Ventor (Venter? ...I'm not near my rolodex right now) had been a 
researcher at NIH until a few years ago. He left to co-found a private 
company in suburban DC (Montogomery County, Md) that does mass sequencing 
of genes using banks of automated sequencers. The company is called 
something like The Institute for Genomic Research...I always hear it 
referred to by its acronym "TIGR." I read somewhere that TIGR is sharing 
its sequence information with the research public, probably through 
   Hope this helps. 
   --Jeff Johnston, UNC-CH 

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