Beijerinck Conference?

L.A.Robertson L.A.Robertson at
Wed Jun 28 07:39:52 EST 1995

> I wonder if someone could be so kind as to post (or send to me by e-mail) the 
> details of the Beijerinck conference (Den Haag, 10-14th December), 
> particularly where abstracts are to be sent and in what format. I did have the 
> information of my desk, but it seems to have disappeared.
> Simon Baker
> Dept Biochemistry
> Oxford, UK

Abstracts for the Beijerinck Centennial Symposium should be submitted
by 1 August 1995. They can be up to 2 A4 pages long in a 140 mm wide
by 249 mm long frame. They must contain :
Title, authors, full addresses and fax number, intro, expt/theor/numercial
 procedures, results, discussion & conclusions plus important 
references (following ref system of ASM journals). The organising
committee are asking for the original plus 5 copies of the abstract,
and a floppy disc (preferably Word Perfect 6 or lower - or specify
if otherwise. Table and figure should be camera ready.
Authors will be informed as to whether their abstract has been 
accepted for a poster or oral presentation before 15 Sept.

Please note that, due to requests from others, we are now also
holding a low-budget meeting on the History of the Delft School
on the Friday after the meeting.

Abstracts should be sent to, and the 2nd Circular can be obtained 
from the Congress Office:

Beijerinck Centennial
Congress Office ASD
PO Box 40
2600 AA Delft

fax31 15 120250

Please contact them rather than me - I'm off on holiday!

Lesley Robertson

Dr L.A.Robertson, Kluyver Laboratory,
Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands
L.A.Robertson at

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