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>>Is there any one aut there that know about the Disease EMBOLA. I read a very
>>disturbing artical about it in a mag a few weeks ago and am looking for more
>>info on the subject. Would appreciate being pointed to some more information,
>>although the more I learn about it the more it scare the living hell out of me
>>Ray Pierson
>>ray at cnj.digex.net

>I believe you are talking about the Ebola virus. I think it was discovered in 
>the mid-seventies in Africa. This virus basically will cause you to bleed to 
>death and will cause death in about three weeks. It was mentioned in the 
>beginning of the movie "And the band played on..." which was about the 
>discovery of HIV and AIDS and I think it was featured recently on an episode of
>"48 hours" Hope this helps.

There is also a very good book out on its discovery called "The Hot Zone" by 
Richard Preston.  There is a description of a patience dying from the Ebola 
virus.  It is scary as all get out!

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