Need help on growing Clostridium & Lactococcus

Pong Nim ak507 at
Sun Mar 5 15:51:22 EST 1995


I am trying to grow Clostridium sporogenes & Lactococcus lactis
for an Introductory Microbiology Lab course.  The Clostridium
I've ordered came in Thioglycollate broth and the Lactococcus 
came in some kind of Tomato juice yeast extract broth.  However
I would like to grow them on solid media, slant or plate, not
broth.  I have tried both culture on nutrient, tryptic soy, and
brain heart infusion agar, MacConkey, blood, and chocolate agar
with no luck.  Would anyone out there wiht any kind of experience
working with these two organisms please me some insight.  Please
be as specific as possible as to what solid media to use and 
under what condition to maintain the culture.  Thank you kindly.

Pong Nim

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