Need help on MR-VP test

Pong Nim ak507 at
Mon Mar 6 17:44:10 EST 1995


I am having problem obtaining a positive test for Methy Red (MR)
and Voges-Proskauer (VP) reaction.  
I have grew Enterobacter aerogenes & Serratia marcescens in
MR-VP broth at 35 C for 48 hrs.  Five drops of MR were added.
on one set of MR-VP broth.  Twelve drops of VP reagent I and
three drops of VP reagent II were added to the second set of
MR-VP broth.  All reagents were made fresh on the day of the test.
Still I can't seem to get any positive reaction at all.  What
am I doing wrong.  Your helpful advice would greatly be appreciate.
Thank you
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Pong Nim
LAMC Life Science Lab Tech
(818) 354-7744
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