Growth rates of anaerobes

Peter Steinruecke pstein at
Wed Mar 8 07:04:23 EST 1995

axu at (A. H. Curtis) wrote:
> >Most of our denitrifiers are strict aerobic organisms like 
> >Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Alcaligenes, etc.
> Denitrifiers are strict anaerobes or microaerophilic.
> A. H. Curtis
> Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Not all, a lot of them show excellent growth when grown
aerobically.Some -like Paracoccus - have a respiratory chain which
closely resembles that of today´s mitochondria. Denitrifiers in
most cases need low oxygen conditions to degrade nitrate. However
there are also examples of denitrification under aerobic conditions 
(Thiosphaera pantotropha).
Apparently it´s more a matter of regulation.

-peter steinruecke-
IMB Jena

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