Drigalski Agar

John Bowman john.bowman at antcrc.utas.edu.au
Tue Mar 7 19:29:47 EST 1995

Dear Friends,

I am working on characterization of apparently novel Psychrobacter-like
strains isolated from ornithogenic soils from Antarctica.

One phenotypic test I'd like to use is the ability to grow on Drigalski
agar. This test has been used to compare Moraxella spp. I have not been
able to track down the reference for this medium. Does anyone know or
recall its formula (it isn't sold be either Difco or Oxoid as far as I
know) ?  I would be very grateful for any replies
Please send replies to my e-mail address (john.bowman at antcrc.utas.edu.au),


John Bowman
Antarctic CRC
University of Tasmania
Tasmania, Australia

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