Need minimal media for Bacillus cereus.

AWilli4426 awilli4426 at
Wed Mar 8 23:57:22 EST 1995

I am working on a research project and I have come to a road block.  I
need a very exact outline for the minimal requirements for growth of B.
cereus.  It must be the most minimal media possible... As few sugars as
possible.  Preferably one.  I have to be able to control the sugars which
are presentin the agar.  It cannot be a random mixture.  I have searched
Bergey's Manual.  It gives meat extract as a main ingredient, but I want
to stay away from this as I will not know what sugars are in it.  If any
one has this information, I would greatly appreciate if you could e-mail
it to me at:   awilli4426 at
My research is dependent upon this media. 
Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.
Ashley Williams

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