Need help on growing Clostridium & Lactococcus

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>Subject: Need help on growing Clostridium & Lactococcus
>Date: Sun, 5 Mar 1995 20:51:22 GMT

Most Lactobacilli (and Lactococcus) are relatively fastidious.  Your 
lactococcus should grow well in MRS media from Difco laboratories.  It's a 
dehydrated broth medium.  To make plates, just add 15g/L agar before 
autoclaving.  30C should work and it's not necessary to maintain strict 
anaerobic conditions.  The colonies will likely be pinpoint, raised, 
smooth, round, butyrous, off-white.  Transfer every 2-3 days if you're not 
going to maintain a frozen culture.  Alternately, if you have a variety of 
common chemicals at your disposal, you can make a medium described by 
Friedman and Gaden (Biotech. Bioeng. 12, 961-974, 1970).  It contains 
CaCO3.  The plates are cloudy and when the organism produces acid, the 
plate clarifies.  Your students might enjoy that.

>I am trying to grow Clostridium sporogenes & Lactococcus lactis
>the Lactococcus 
>nder what condition to maintain the culture.  Thank you kindly.

>Pong Nim

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